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    Hello all,
    i’ve been lurking here and collecting videos of the sandbox for a while, congrats to all involved for such amazing work!

    i am working on a commercial project and wondering if any of you know of vendors that can provide the sandbox system in an off-the-shelf manner. we would need customizations, but would need the vendor to provide support for installation, training, and also bug support or failure support if there is any.

    we found one vendor:

    but i would love to know if there are others, or contractors that have installed and supported this for museums before.

    feel free to contact me at mcapraro (at) if you know of anyone you can pass along, thanks everyone!


    You might also want to check out…


    Oliver Kreylos

    While there’s nothing wrong with them at all, be aware that both vendors linked in this thread — and — are entirely separate products that have nothing to do with the AR Sandbox software discussed and supported in this forum.


    Hi, we are just finishing our second sandbox setup in Poland, if you need turn-key solution or assistance in Europe let me know, o [at] kilku [dot] com



    Hello Michel Angelo,
    My name is Haley and I represent TopoBox, a new vendor for augmented reality sandboxes. We can provide customization as well as support and training. We are located in the U.S. and provide shipping.

    Please check out our website at


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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