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    We’ve noticed that there are sometimes vertical lineations through the display of the sandbox. They don’t seem to affect the actual performance but are a bit distracting. Has anyone else experienced this issue and if so have any ideas for how best to resolve it? I can try to provide a picture if that would help. Thanks.


    Yes, our AR sandbox display also has vertical lines that seem evenly spaced. I told the profs they are “faults”. These digital lineations seem to have a slight effect on the topographic modelling. I wasn’t sure how to word it, but our model has a similar issue and I was also curious if anyone had this going on.

    Oliver Kreylos

    Please link to a picture. If you have what I think you have, then it’s a fault in the Kinect’s 3D reconstruction algorithm that affects all of them, not just yours. I some, the lines show up more pronounced than in others.


    I am having the same issue with those vertical lines in the sandbox. They do alter the topography. See screenshot below (ignore the colors, I was just experimenting, but the b/w makes the lines really visible):
    Screenshot of AR Sandbox application

    However, as Oliver already pointed out, this seems to be an issue of the Kinect itself. Here is a screenshot of a 3D-Scan of the sandbox with some test objects in it, using the software Skanect and not moving the Kinect while scanning (when moving the sensor, the lines will disappear):
    screenshot of exported model from 3d-scan

    So I guess there is not much that can be done, right?

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