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    Hello, I don’t know why my VRUI menus are too small (way too small that they are composed only of a few pixels), and I am not able to read them so I can select the correct items to click. Please help! I’m stuck because of this. Tried to look into the VRUI.cfg file to see if there are items there that I can change (UI items) but to no avail.



    Hello Metamedian,
    Did you try running VRUI on a different Monitor?
    Did you install the correct Nvidia supplied graphics drivers?
    Did you try running VRUI without SARndbox?

    Perhaps that will do the trick, next idea would be to reinstall the graphics drivers and perhaps VRUI, if that doesn’t help you will have to reinstall Linux

    It could be useful to post you configuration (PC specs, installed OS, installed Window manager and the VRUI version you are running). Also, when did the error occur ? did it run normally before and only changed after an update?




    Hi David,

    Made a bit of investigation, and fortunately I was able to use a 1050 and a 1080 card in succession. And I noticed the VRUI menu got smaller as the card got more powerful. And since the KinectRawViewer was basically unusable with such small menus when using the 1080, I figured maybe the problem was the 1080 being too powerful? haha. I switched to the noveau drivers and voila, big menus! So I did all the calibration using that driver. After calibration, just switched back to the Nvidia drivers and all is well. Finally got the sandbox working! I’m a happy cat right now. Thanks for the reply. I hope this helps for others encountering the same issue.




    I have the same issue with my GTX 750 Ti card and I use the Nvidia driver. So your method is to switch video driver to see the larger menu? After you go back to Nvidia drivers, then are the menus back to normal? How do you install noveau drivers? I am a bit of a novice on Linux. This issue is very annoying and it’s testing my fine motor skills when selecting tiny blurry menu items!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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