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    I found an application named VideoViewer in the Vrui-3.1 directory that shows a live stream from the Kinect, although quite an unusual one:

    Are the dots the infrared light that is emitted by the Kinect? How come they are visible in this app?

    Not really a directly AR Sandbox related question, but I couldn’t find any info in the Vrui documentation, that is why I ask here.


    Trying to answer my own question here, though I haven’t come far.

    So when I use GUVCViewer to look through the Kinect’s eyes, and switch to color model “Y10B”, I will get the same result as above.

    Other color models, such as GRBG, RGB3 or YU12, show a regular color picture. So I am still wondering whether those dots are actually the infrared sent out by the Kinect, or just some interpretation of data noise in the Y10B color mode.

    So I assume the above mentioned VideoViewer uses the Y10B model. What that actually means and how it works, even google can’t really tell me. The only information on it I found is this.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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