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    Frank Mod

    We are hoping to create a community for the AR Sandbox here at LakeViz.org! We’re still in the stages of figuring out the direction of this community, but we hope to foster a community of support and shared experiences for the Sandbox.



    I would love to be apart of this forum. I am planning to build a sandbox for my elementary school STEM lab next week. Any advice or support would be most welcome! These tools are amazing, so I would love to be in a community of people who use them. Kate



    It’s good to be here. Thank you for your work. We are thinking to build an AR Sandbox for educational purposes on themes such as architecture and city planning. I hope we will start soon.
    Keep up the good work.



    I’m so glad there is a forum for this. I’m part of an undergraduate group that is making a STEM project for a local museum. The information here will be a big boost in helping this project move forward.
    Thanks for being here.



    Hi, my name is Victor, I write from the Basque Country. I’m engineer, maker and practice permaculture in a farm with 4 acres. I discovered ARS one year ago and follow this forum since then. But login for first time in this week. The reason is I’ve made an ARS and have things to share about technical issues.

    In my case , the frame has been fully made in wood. It has a normal projector (not a short throw) and I need adapt the frame to cope with this. I’ve used a mirror and goes well. I’ve designed and 3dprinted pieces with laywood to solve some issues (eg, to hold the mirror in place)

    When I decided to make one my purpose was teach concepts about permaculture and water harvesting, keyline and so on, but it has so many applications… Fortunatelly I’m joined to other 3 people and created a talented and multidisciplinar team, we made a project and asked for public funds that have been approbed. In October will start a public exhibition in 5 schools and 4 cultural centers. One of them is the biggest in San Sebastian, a town with 200K inhabitants. We are very excited with this project, we will have the opportunity to raise awareness in environmental issues and tons of people will be reached.

    Thanks a lot, David and all of you to make possible this amazing tool

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    You can add Arnold Middle School in Cypress TX, to the list of sandbox homes. I’m currently in the works of building a second box for the ISD to be on display at our science resource center and have the ability to be checked out by schools in our district.

    Thank you for all you have done.




    A new sandbox has just landed in the United Kingdom 🙂
    Thanks to Oliver for all his hard work and the mods, admins and users on this forum that provided all the technical information to make this a possibility.

    Pipers Corner School.



    Hey Everyone, looks like i’ll be joining the AR sandbox club as well. I’m in NYC, a software developer of 22yrs. I look forward to posting some images of my sandbox.

    my hardware is
    Linux Mint 17.2 Rafaela 64-bit
    MATE 1.10.0
    mem: 4gig ram
    proc: AMD Phenom II X4 955 x 4
    NVidia GeForce GTX
    I purchased the BenQ MX631ST projector, currently working on the post for it.

    I’ve installed the sandbox software, and I can recognize the Kinect, that’s a good start.
    I haven’t done any calibration yet but when I hold my arm in the 3d space the Kinect has the proper topography color and lines in the raw viewer. and the water is fluid.

    i’ll post some pics of my build in the future.

    the ultimate plan is to have my son (2yrs) be able to play in the sandbox with some army men while making a ridge line and river !!!! well it’s more for me, HAHA…


    AR Sandbox Children

    How would we build a projector mount for the AR Sandbox? What materials would we require for this exactly, or where can we buy one?



    Greetings from southwest Colorado!

    I’m with the Powerhouse Science Center in southwest CO, and we’re looking to build an AR sandbox over the next few weeks. Just wanted to say hi and thank Oliver for all he’s contributed to this project. I’m stoked about getting this exhibit on the floor!

    Also, I’ll likely be posting some questions in the forum, but I was hoping to do a bit of self-help first. I see 2 search icons in the upper right, but neither seems to return results from the forum posts. How do I search the forums? Am I overlooking something obvious?

    Thanks for the help!




    Hi All, I’m in Christchurch New Zealand and have built a box to find out if its useful for public engagement work around earthquake recovery and water management issues we are facing locally.

    I’ve built mine with a glass bottom so that we can place maps and diagrams under the table to guide the users. Not sure how well this will work but we’ll find out soon enough.




    Thank you



    Thank you.



    Someone remind me to buy Oliver Kreylos a drink next time I’m in California! Another AR Sandbox in use by the River Wey Trust (Hampshire, UK) and proving to be a great success with kids of all ages – http://www.riverweytrust.org.uk/AR%20Sandbox.htm
    AJ Young



    Hello, very interested in the sandbox, extremely exciting thing) I’ll wait for improvements and updates))

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