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    Thanks for the quick reply! Can you post info on how to enable lava flow ?


    Probably best to start here https://arsandbox.ucdavis.edu/forums/topic/usb-button-solution/#post-103570 which is an old thread on setting up buttons in place of keyboard functions and links to the scripts used for changing effects

    River Wey Trust


    Hello Friends, I am a tenth standard student and having great interest in software specifically in computers. This post helped me a lot to understand AR sandbox. Thanks a lot for giving this knowledge.


    The Rawkinect viewer is giving images in strips onerlapping each other and showing fluctuations

    Sean Robinson

    Are you seeing something like the video in this post?

    Are there any error/warning messages in the terminal window where you started RawKinectViewer?


    Yes i will post an image of the video I’m getting, the disturbance are more and strips of images keep flickering
    I have a lenovo L340 gaming laptop running ubuntu 18.0 on a virtual machine software
    There are no messages on the terminal when i run the RawKinectviewer
    Should i try using the xbox kinect in windows to check the hardware of kinect and its wires
    Thank you for your help
    Best wishes from


    I think your basic problem is using a VM. Vrui and the associated software talk directly to the graphics card, which VM won’t handle,


    Sean Robinson

    I agree with @AJ that your display problems probably come from using a virtual machine. Think of the sandbox as a high-end video game that needs to send and receive massive amounts of data each second.

    I assume you’re using Ubuntu in a VM on Windows. Could you instead install Ubuntu on a second partition and dual boot?


    Thank you so much everyone for helping me out
    @Aj I would like to know if there is a VM software which does use your graphic card
    @sean can you please enlighten me about second place partition and dual boot
    Respect and best wishes
    From India🇮🇳

    Sean Robinson

    I would like to know if there is a VM software which does use your graphic card

    VM software may give access to your graphics card. But that access will have security and translation layers that disable some things and slow down the software running in the VM. These older posts explain the problem: post 1, post 2, post 3.

    can you please enlighten me about second place partition and dual boot

    This is a bit of an advanced topic. Try searching for dual boot windows and linux in your favorite search engine. You will find articles and videos that will explain the needed steps.

    As a general idea: Windows uses space on a hard drive (HD); one can free space on the HD in which to install Ubuntu; with two operating systems (OS) installed, one can select the OS to use during the computer’s start-up. So, reboot into Ubuntu to use the AR Sandbox software and reboot into Windows for your other needs.

Viewing 10 posts - 31 through 40 (of 40 total)
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