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    I recorded the coordinates, and created the text file as the video suggests. I seem to have the right format and everything but I am not sure where the file needs to be placed for it to be read by the SARndbox program later. Please let me know where this file should reside.


    You need to place the file under /SARndbox-1.5/etc/SARndbox1-5
    This directory should already contain a BoxLayout.txt file, which you can edit or overwrite.


    Thank you.

    I found where you were talking about and replaced the file. Unfortunately replacing the file did not help with the challenge I am having. When I change the base elevation number my color variant still does not occur till about 8cm above the sand surface and no color change when a hole is dug. It acts like the file is not making a difference. However when I physically lower the Kinect I get a change in color and system seems to be working better all the way around. Any suggestions why my BoxLayout.txt file seems not to make a difference?

    Oliver Kreylos

    Check that the contents of your BoxLayout.txt file follow this format (with different numbers, of course). Most of the spaces are optional, but the parentheses and commas are required exactly as shown:

    (-0.0245965, 0.055518, 0.998155), -100.0
    (  -50.4308199070,   -41.4906340820,   -94.3587439431)
    (   48.1677580484,   -39.2855623569,   -91.4473216116)
    (  -52.0412743633,    30.7509568892,   -98.5064610284)
    (   45.7546216497,    32.6590139228,   -95.6029096114)
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