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    I’m having problem with the installing process…

    It shows this message on terminal in many steps:

    “VRWindow::VRWindow: Vertical retrace synchronization requested but not supported”

    Besides that, when I run the project It runs OK but without the water simulation!

    What can be happening?

    PS: I was using Kinect 2.8 and SARndbox 1.6, but the water simulation wasn’t working because of the Intel graphic card, now I’m using another computer with a NVIDIA GeForce with those current versions of Vrui, Kinect and SARndbox!

    Oliver Kreylos

    The message means that Vrui is trying to synchronize the display, but the window manager doesn’t let it. It’s safe to ignore, and there’s a way to tell Vrui to stop trying if it gets annoying.

    If you’re running SARndbox-2.2, you need to add -rer 20 100 to SARndbox’s command line to enable rain. It’s a bug that I fixed in SARndbox-2.3. I recommend replacing SARndbox-2.2. You can copy your existing configuration files over.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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