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    Hi Admin Team – can we please have a wiki – this forum has great information but its spread and buried in posts / cross posts / threads that make it very very difficult to find.

    I would much prefer to write content into a wiki so that others can find and improve than rewrite my possibly dodgy advice in individual replies.

    thank you in eager anticipa…



    Hey grant,
    i´m not even sure there is a typical admin team for this forum. I was under the impression it´s pretty much just @okreylos in his spare time and perhaps some coworkers.

    I think we agree that this wordpress forum is non-ideal but a dedicated server for a wiki seems like a high maintenance solution and externally managed servers are expensive. However, if anyone has experience running servers, particularly wikis, that would certainly be the best solution for knowledge- and file management.
    To solve the issue of not having notifications and generally a relatively low answer rate @SSandford suggested a facebook group. Whilst I agree that more people would answer a lot quicker on facebook that would also mean that these answers, some of which are extremely helpful, can´t be found on google anymore. Also the whole closed environment facebook thing isn’t exactly in the spirit of open source software.
    i think the wordpress forum is an okay solution for now – you can always write a wiki-like article here with pictures and all. If you need to edit it you would have to repost it and delete the old one but considering how much work a wiki would be, i think we can live with the forum.



    I not familiar with the wiki form but it sounds like it would be helpful! Our groups keeps running into challenges (sand dust in projector, educational materials for the model, etc) and this has not been the most helpful for getting responses. A collaborate environment where we could add docs, photos, product (project, sand, etc) recommendations and comments, etc would be EXTREMELY helpful. I think there are a lot of folks out there with projectors that might be willing to chip in to make this happen (funding for a platform, person to set it up, etc). Maybe a gofundme site with a description of what you propose and timeline for making it happen? You could email it out to everyone who has added their model to the map.

    Just suggestions. Happy to help however I can


    Its generally about ten clicks to add a wiki to a wordpress site..


    Oliver, would you be willing to allow a few of us to be moderators/admins of this forum? I would be willing to assist in that role. I think that a clean up/updating of this current forum would work. I would suggest removing the non-sandbox replaced topics for a start. Secondly removing older posts that pertain to issues with the older versions of the software would be a third item to tackle.

    Not sure if its possible but turning on the “Notify me option” should be on by default so notices are delivered rather than relying on people to come back and check would be an asset and help sort out the long response time.

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