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    This is a very cool project and community! So thank you to all involved!

    My first Question on this exciting path to building a AR Sandbox is…
    Will a mid range Intel NUC running linux be a suitable computer to run the Sandbox (with out water simulation)?

    I happen to have access to one.
    (Provided it would work).

    Thanks in advance

    Oliver Kreylos

    I don’t know, but I guess there’s a good chance it will work — as long as you disable the water simulation, as you say. Without water, the AR Sandbox is not very demanding, graphics- and CPU-wise. You might get some OpenGL warnings because Intel’s on-board GPU works with the open-source Mesa OpenGL library, which has some issues, but those won’t break the code.

    Try it, and if it works, please press Win+Scroll Lock once you’re inside the SARndbox application. That will display a running frame rate average, and print an overall average frame rate to the terminal when you press Win+Scroll Lock again a few seconds later. Please report back with those numbers. As long as you get 60 or more frames per second, you will be fine.


    I did lots of my preliminary testing on a NUC (first generation). It is possible to install and run as a preliminary version. However, the calculations is a computation hog such that the fans come on a few minutes after the Sarndbox program starts. As soon as you stop the program, it will eventually turn off. I eventually moved it over to a I7 w/NVida graphics card. I would say it was good enough to start with.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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