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    I was able to get it set up this morning in my garage and it ran perfectly as it always has. My suspicion about the AC power quality on the pier must be the problem. We have purchased a power conditioner which hopefully will do the trick. I still want to put my scope on the power on the pier to verify the problem.

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    I tested the sandbox today with the new versions of software and it’s still not working right.

    With the sand in the box the left image shows with only green around the edges and black in 80% of the middle. Changing cameras makes no difference. I took the sand out of the box leaving the black bottom of the sand box and then the green image would show up with only a small black area near the top left. I was able to get all the way to calibration of the camera and projector but the target is not recognized. The cross hair shows up but there is no yellow, no green no matter which way the target is held.

    I am beginning to wonder about noise on the AC power line. These tests were conducted on a board walk (pier) in a marina. Has anyone had experience with dirty AC power causing problems with their sandbox? I’ll put my o’scope on it in a couple of weeks to see what it looks like.

    In a week or so, I will be testing the system with known clean power where it has worked before. If the problem still persists, I will be wiping the hard drive and doing a fresh install.

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    I thought that I was using the latest versions of the software, but discovered the new up to date Software Installation Instruction here >>

    I installed all of the new software per the instruction. It all works as far as I can tell in my office with the Kinect. I will set up the sandbox tomorrow and see if the problem has been fixed.

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    It would be most helpful if the new “Complete Installation Instructions” also had a detailed section on the procedure to update the software from various old versions up to the one before the latest. I am running Vrui-4.2-006, SARndbox-2.3 and Kinect-3.2 and am not quite sure how to upgrade to the latest versions. As mkaszuba asked, is it a matter of installing “overtop” the older versions? Does the Vrui Development Tookit need to be upgraded as well?

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    Here is a link to the boxlayout.txt file data.

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    If it helps, I am running Vrui-4.2-006, SARndbox-2.3 and Kinect-3.2 which I think is all the latest. The system was set up a few months ago.

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    More Follow up Info.

    I have only the camera connected to the computer in my office and the camera seems to be working properly. It is providing a complete depth image with no black area in the middle as it was doing over the sandbox. It’s a conundrum. What could cause the black area in 80% of the sandbox? photo in office of Kinect Output

    I checked to make sure that the files CalibrateProjector.cfg and SARndbox.cfg are as they should be and they are as described in the Post Installation Instructions.

    Any hints as to what to do next would be greatly appreciated.

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    Here’s some more detail on this problem.

    It’s a portable design. Great attention to detail was made with this design to ensure that setup and break-down would not disturb the relative position of the projector, camera and sandbox. The sandbox has been used at two events over the last two months without any problems. It worked perfectly both times without the need to re-calibrate. Then last week after setting it up again it didn’t show any contour lines or show colors. So, I attempted to run the calibration and noticed that there wasn’t the typical green image for the Kinect camera when doing the align and 3D Extents. What I see is an image that is green around the edges and solid black in the middle. I concluded that the camera must have failed. So, we purchased three cameras. One from eBay and two from Amazon. All of these produced the same result. So, it would seem that the problem is not the camera. We also purchased three more USB Power adapters thinking that maybe that was the problem. That didn’t solve it either.

    We have committed to show the box at another event next week.

    Please respond if you have any idea about what might be causing this problem or suggestions for troubleshooting.

    I was able to to do the camera align and do the 3D extents using the corners of the image which are green (even though the middle is all black) and it produces a normal looking set of data.

    When running align the projector to the camera the cross hairs show up but it does not respond to the 1 key. Note that I have implemented the changes described in the Post Installation Setup shown here >> This was used when it was originally calibrated two months ago and it worked perfectly. Could this now be causing a problem?

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    Thanks so much for responding. You are a gem. Your dedication to this long standing project is amazing.

    I do indeed have the correct driver installed.

    I solved the problem by scouring the forum and collecting what I call your kernels of wisdom regarding proper set up and operation of the sandbox.

    With the addition of -rer 10 110 to SARndbox’s command line I am now getting excellent rain response by holding my hand with fingers spread (very important).

    I added the configuration files that you explain in your “AR Sandbox Post Installation Instructions” which map the 1 and 2 keys for calibrating the projector and for the adding and removing water globally. It works great.

    One question I have is related the the height of the hand over the box. If my hand is held low, the software thinks my hand is the surface of the sand and maps it white which obscures the image on the sand. I am guessing that the setting of -rer 10 110 might not be quite correct. What setting should I use so that a hand held over the top won’t be color mapped as snow? Is this a result of the way I calibrated?

    I will be showing off our AR Sandbox next weekend at a Washington State Science and Engineering Fair at Bremerton High School in Bremerton Washington. This Sandbox was funded by several STEM grants to the Bremerton Historic Ships Association, aka the USS Turner Joy Naval Ship Museum.

    Thanks again for your continued support of this great educational tool.

    — greg

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    OK, thanks for you response.

    Yes, I agree that ease of construction is definitely a factor in setting the height of the camera.

    I re-read the instructions a little more carefully and I think I understand why Oliver recommends that the camera be located 40″ above the sand. The Kinect camera has a 90 degree field of view and the vertical resolution is roughly proportional to the height of the camera squared. The closer the camera is to the sand the better the resolution. In particular the better the vertical resolution is as it degrades quickly as the distance to the sand increases. Because of the 90 degree field of view of the camera and its 4:3 aspect ratio, with a sandbox that is 40″ x 30″ the camera will exactly cover the area of the sand when it is at a height of 40″.

    Oliver’s original instructions were based on using the discontinued projector model MX631ST with an adjustable throw ratio of .9 to 1/08. A throw ratio of 1 would require the projector to be at 40″ from the sand to project a 40″ wide image. The current model which is the closest to the 631ST is model MW632ST with an adjustable throw ratio of .72 to .87. By adjusting the optical zoom and the throw ratio the 632ST (according to the manual that came with the projector) will project an image size of 30″ x 40″ from a height of 36″ to 43″ from the sand. The BenQ manual says “All measurements are approximate and may vary from the actual sizes.” A little experimentation is required.

    If I understand this correctly,the camera needs to be at 40″ from the sand and with the MW632ST projector it needs to be at what ever convenient height between 36″ to 43″ that will just cover the sandbox. Placing them both at 40″ might work just fine.

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    2nd Update:

    I found that the problem was a combination of probably the wrong usb port on the computer and the bigger problem was either not enough current from the 12V power supply or a bad cable. I tried all of the usb ports on the computer and found one that connected to the camera. Then I noticed that if I moved the cable that it would disconnect and then if I moved it again it might connect. The Kinect to usb adapter I was using had a 1 amp power supply. Some of my research into my problems revealed that some people have had problems with only 1 amp power supplies. So, I built my own adapter using a 3.5 amp 12Vdc power supply. It’s now working and there doesn’t seem to be any sensitivity to cable movement. I think the problem is solved but I’m not real sure of what solved it.

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    I discovered that my attempt to get the camera to work with windows was errant. I downloaded the wrong Windows SDK. I have now installed version 1.8 for a XBox 360 camera. I have also installed Webcam Zone Trigger and verified that the camera does work.

    So, the issue I am having must be with the usb controller. The computer is an Alienware X51 R2 gaming computer. It’s in a small form factor case and has only one PCIe connector for the graphics card so it’s not possible to install a separate usb controller card. I’m either going to have to find a way to use the existing usb controller or get another computer.

    Would an external USB hub work?

    Anyone out there been able to get it to work with Intel 8 series/C220 usb controllers?

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    I getting the error
    terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘std::runtime_error’
    what(): Kinect::Camera::Camera: Less than 0 Kinect camera devices detected

    I’m using a Kinect Model 1473
    The computer is an 3.5Ghz i3 machine with 6GB Ram running Linux Mint and all the other software required
    The usb controllers are Intel 8 series/C220
    I’ve tried all of the usb 2 and 3 ports on the computer
    I can see the Motor and Audio devices when running lsusb but do not see the Camera
    The green light on the camera is blinking slowly continuously
    To check out if the camera is working, I installed the Kinect Windows SDK on another machine with Win10 and I can see the camera on the windows machine but I also see on the device manager that as long as the camera is connected to the windows machine there is something that is connecting and disconnecting but I can’t tell what. As this happens the device manager refreshes every 5 seconds. This has me thinking that the camera is defective??

    Any thoughts?

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