Download – SARndbox Software

Free software for the Augmented Reality Sandbox is distributed under the GNU General Public License. To build and install the software, refer to the included README file which contains rudimentary build and use instructions. Please note that minor changes may have to be made according to the target operating system.

The tar archives (tarballs) available for download below will expand into SARndbox-<release> directories in the current directory. All downloadable files are tagged with their SHA1 checksums to protect against corruption and tampering.

This software is based on the Vrui toolkit and the Kinect 3D video capture project, version numbers as indicated below.

  • SARndbox-1.6 (80KB) (SHA1=543bf7374ecc204bbb34c09d2ee9f77c0b4ff40a) Several new run-time control features. Requires Vrui-3.1-004 or newer and Kinect-2.8-002 or newer.
  • SARndbox-1.5-001 (77KB) (SHA1=c2a76eaa74c46266415757215e0695b55aa84a52) New filter option to reduce remaining surface noise. Requires Vrui-3.1-002 or newer and Kinect-2.8 or newer.
  • SARndbox-1.5 (75KB) (SHA1=17940e3fc9a548087718d5d312ede34416ebf6b9) Minor visual improvement in the projector calibration program. See README file. Requires Vrui-3.0-001 or newer and Kinect-2.7 or newer.
  • SARndbox-1.4 (75KB) (SHA1=9bf41ca0da1949738e9b3d82e3a93f951f7cea0d) Requires Vrui-3.0-001 or newer and Kinect-2.7 or newer.
  • SARndbox-1.2 (73KB) (SHA1=215308755e1db2590b17d4080752acce58a28c66) Requires Vrui-2.7-001 or newer and Kinect-2.5 or newer.
  • SARndbox-1.1 (72KB) (SHA1=3c6b2ba1cdff2d00745ca4eff330b5263659f35a) Requires Vrui-2.4-001 to Vrui-2.6-002 and Kinect-2.1 to Kinect-2.4.
  • SARndbox-1.0 (73KB) (SHA1=1e961f38469df75f4bfec9e6e4b9fe057ca8f561) Requires Vrui-2.4-001 or newer and Kinect-2.1 or newer.